Xutian (Sunpack) dedicate to end of line package development for years. 


wk02-30 heat sealing banding machine


Sunpack covers all banding solutions. From heat sealing to cold welding. From tension feeding to vacuum feeding. From soft banding tension to normal banding tension, then to high banding tension.We provide solution for food industry, printing industry, pharmaceutical industry, Laundry industry, Chemical industry, Supermarket promotion products etc

Q8 automatic strapping machine


Sunpack provides semi-auto strapping machine, automatic strapping machine and fully automatic strapping machine which adopts PP strapping as packing material. it is widely used in household appliance, food, general merchandise, medical, chemical , printing, post office, logistics industries etc. It can work with production line and automatically finish the tightening, cutting and welding.

Maxgo Robotic stretch wrapping machine


Sunpack provides pre-stretch pallet wrapper, brake film pallet wrapper, robot pallet wrapper, forklift pallet wrapper, luggage wrapper, carton wrapper which adopts LLDPE stretch film as packing material to pack large and heavy or artistic cargo. By this way, it can keep package from dust, damp and damage. it is widely used in printing, paper-making, chemical industry, food and transportation etc. Packed cargo is compact and safe.

DD-160 Battery Plastic strapping machine


Sunpack provides hand strapping tool, steel strapping tool, pneumatic strapping tool, battery strapping tool. customer could choose suitable tool for their cargo which can use PP strapping ,PET strapping or steel strapping. Easy operation and no restrictions to cargo shape and weight, it is widely used in paper-making, aluminum, pipes, steel, timber, wooden box, chemical, textile industries etc.


SUNPACK provides the most suitable banding solution

2 heading banding automation
2 heading banding automation
banding machien top dispenser
banding machien top dispenser
Schneider PLC control
Schneider PLC control
2 banding heads to speed up output
2 banding heads to speed up output

WK04CE-50 2 Banding heads Inline eyemark banding solution

WK04CE-50 is designed with infeed and outfeed conveyor built-in which allows the banding machine to be integrated into a packaging line quickly. It can be applied in food tray, Shampoo Sachet, Food bags and Meat tray,Vegetable trays etc packaging system.Installed with Schneider Servo motor.The production output is 20-25pcs per banding head.

Printing Banding Machine
Printing banding machine
Markem Smartdate X45 printer
Markem Smartdate X45 printer
Eye mark sensor and printer banding machine
Can print image, letters, characters, numbers ,dates , barcode, QR code
Schneider Touch screen
Schneider Touch screen

WK35-50C-R Ultrasonic banding machine with Markem Printer

WK35-50C-R is a newly developed model which is installed a Markem Smartdate X 45 thermal transfering printer. Other than printing numbers,dates, images, letters,characters, Barcode, QR code, this extra tension banding machine can band hard surface product tightly together. This is a breakthrough for banding machine technology.

WK06-75C vacuum feeding banding machine
WK06-75C vacuum feeding banding machine
food tray vacuum feeding banding machine
food tray vacuum feeding banding machine

WK06-75PRSS Vacuum Feed Banding Machine with Printer

WK06-75PRSS vacuum feeding banding machine is a new model which is especially suitable for bands with a width greater than 50mm and a thickness of 0.04mm~0.08mm. 75mm/100mm/125mm/150mm wide band can optional. it install a Markem thermal transfer printer to print logo, date, bar code, image etc. It is especially designed for food industry.

WK02-30AD Automatic Corrugated Banding Machine

Banding Solution is applied to corrugated industry because higher packing requirements. Banding tape can protect product from damage and secure. WK02-30AD Banding Machine is designed with belt conveyor to feed the corrugated cartons in bundle and with top press to ensure to make a tight bundle.

To make banding easy

Banding machine is a consumable and labor cost saving solution. Using paper and Opp film band, positioning printing is possible on the banding tape.It is widely used in food package,printing & corrugated cardboard,pharmaceuticals & cosmetics,banking,E-commerce and farm product.

food package




bitter gourd banding




sachet product banding





Xutian (Sunpack) was established in 1997 with the goal of providing the best strapping machine in the industry at competitive prices. Our goal is to make every customer completely satisfied with the best packaging machinery and services through continuous improvement and employee involvement.

We believe that innovation is key to our success. Through a firm commitment to research and development, we have earned a reputation for being at the forefront of packaging innovation. We provide our customers with advanced solutions that increase production efficiency, improve load integrity and reduce operating costs. Over the years, we’ve continuously refined our existing products and created new ones to take advantage of evolving technologies and to meet our customers’ ever-changing needs.