Sunpack Banding machine
WK05-30 Ultra sonic banding machine

Model NO: WK05-30B

Ultrasonic cold sealing
WK35C-30R Ultrasonic banding machine with printer

Model: WK35-50C-MR

Ultrasonic cold welding
WK06-75C Vacuum feeding bandiing mahcine

Model NO: WK06-75C

WK06-75mm Vacuum Feeding

Model: WK06-75C-MRQ

Vacuum Feeding
With printer
Banding Machine

Model: WK06-75C-M

Vacuum Feeding
With Eye Mark
WK02-30 Table top Banding Machihe

Model NO: WK02-30

Table top banding machine
WK02-30-4742 big arch banding machine

Model: WK02-30-4742

Extended arch 470*420mm
WK02-30LTB High table banding machine

Model: WK02-30B

High table banding machine
WK02-30B-6050 Big arch banding machine

Model: WK02-30-6032-6050

Extended Arch
Big arch banding machine

Model: WK02-30-10032

Arch:1000 x 320mm
WK02-30BP Stand banding machine with top press

Model: WK02-30BP

With top press
Vertical banding machine

Model: WK02-30VBH

Vertical banding machine
WK02-30VBS Vertical bandi

Model: WK02-30VBS

Vertical banding machine

Model: WK02-30LTB

Low table top
WK02-30A Belt table automatic banding machine

Model: WK02-30A

Belt conveyor table
WK02-30A-4742 Belt table banding machine

Model: WK02-30A-4742

WK02-30AB High table banding machine with belt table

Model: WK02-30AB

Belt conveyor table

Model: WK02-30CAB

Belt conveyor table
Side band insert
WK02-30ABS Side control panel banding machine

Model: WK02-30ABS

Side control panel
WK02-30GT Roller table banding machine

Model: WK02-30GT

Roll conveyor table
WK02-12C1 12MM banding machine

Model: WK02-12C1

12mm banding machine
Banding Machine

Model: WK02-12C1B

12mm banding machine
WK32-30 High tension banding machine

Mode NO: WK32C-30

High tension: 10-100N
WK02-30CA1 High tension belt table banding machine

Model: WK02-30CA1

Max load: 20kg
belt table
WK04-30 Table top banding machine

Model NO: WK04-30

Dunker 30mm DC motor
WK04-30B High table banding machine

Model: WK04-30B/50B

Dunker DC motor
Instant heating
WK04-30BSS Stainless Steel body stand banding machine

Model: WK04-30BSS

SS 304 Stainless steel body
WK04-50BP 50MM Banding machine with top press

Model: WK04-50BP

Flexible products banding
WK04-30ABS Side panel banding machine

Model: WK04-30ABS

Belt conveyor table
WK04C-MP Eye Mark banding Machine

Model NO: WK04C-MP

With eyemark
Locate printed band
WK04CA-MP-50 Eye mark banding machine

Model: WK04CA-MP-50

Servo motor
Locate printed band
WK04CA-MPR-50X30 Printing Banding machine

Model: WK04CA-MPR-X30

Locate printed band
with Markem X30 printer
WK04CA-MPR-50X45 Automatic banding machine with printer

Model: WK04CA-MPR-X45

Locate printed band
with markem X45 printer
WK04CA-MPSS Stainless Steel banding machine

Model: WK04CA-MPSS

304 Stainless steel body
Locate printed band
WK04CA-MPRSS Stainless steel banding machine with Smartdate X45 Printer

Model: WK04CA-MPRSS-X45

304 Stainless steel body
with markem X45 printer
WK04CE-50-2H 2 heads banding machine

Model NO: WK04CE-50-2H

2 heads banding machine
WK04CE-50 Automatic banding machine

Model: WK04CE-50

Automation banding
WK04CA-MPR-2H Automatic banding line

Model: WK04CA-MPR-2H

Food tray banding line
WK02-30FSBS Banknote automatic packaging line

Model: WK02-30FSBS

Banknote packaging line
WK02-30AF Friction feeder with banding machine

Model: WK02-30AF

with friction feeder
counting stacking banding
WK02-30-AD Corrugated boxes banding machine

Model: WK02-30-AD

Corrugated boxes banding
With top press
WK02-30-C24A-2H Double arch banding machine

Model: WK02-30-C24A-2H

Double arch banding
WK04-30LAB Label banding machine

Model: WK02-30LAB

Label banding machine
WK02-30SD Stacking banding machine

Model: WK02-30SD

Stacking banding machine
WK02-30AM10 Pharmaceutical boxes banding machine

Model: WK02-30AM10

Pharmaceutical boxes banding
WK02-30ABE Squaring banding machine

Model: WK02-30ABE

Squaring banding machine
WK02-30A4 Cross Banding machine

Mode NO: WK02-30A4

Cross Banding machine
WK02-30ABF Stacking banding machine

Model: WK04-30ABF

Stacking banding machine