Banding Solution For Food Tray

Most of the food boxes are packaged with cardboard and heat shrinkable film, which not only consumes labor costs, but also has no advantages in consumables. SUNPACK(Xutian ) Packaging has optimized these two points, providing a new and better option for the food packaging market.

Banding machine is a consumable and labor cost saving solution.Using paper and Opp film band.The banding machine uses a heat sealing system to bond the material together to form a nice tidy seal around the item. Optional additional printer and eyes mark sensor, that means you can print your advertisements,logo,best eat date..and so on those information on the tape and banding in a designated place.Always during banding, the designated picture will be right in the designated places.It’s good for food packing and promotion.

Banding Machine With Printer For Food Packing Industry
Banding Machine With Printer For Food Packing Industry

Easy to feed band

The vacuum band guide frame uses the synchronous band to actively feed the band, and the band feeding is trouble-free. It is especially suitable for bands with a width greater than 50mm and a thickness of 0.04mm~0.08mm.


low noise

Because the use of vacuum belt frame, there is no continuous opening and closing of the belt frame noise.


Easy to tear

Compared with cardboard, stickers and heat shrink film bundling, our vacuum feeding banding machine adopts heat sealing, which can easy to remove paper tape or opp tape.This greatly improves the user experience


Paper band and opp film

50mm/75mm/100mm/125mm/150mm wide band option. And it can use thin 50mic opp film which can effectively save consumables. Both transparent opp films and printed band with product information are available

Color code positioning function

The color mark point is sensed by the eyes mark sensor to determine the length of the conveyor belt, and then the logo and other information can be positioned at an exact position of the packaged object, and the position can be adjusted arbitrarily.

Thermal transfer coding function

Add a thermal transfer coding machine to the basic function of the banding machine to achieve the synchronization of coding and banding, realize coding on paper tape or Opp tape in advance and directly band on the product, with flexible coding content.

Neat and nica banding

Exquisite graphic design and neat and beautiful bands can be used as advertising to promote products and also attract customers.

Easy to tear

For customers, whether the packaging tape of the food tray is easy to tear is a very important point. Our banding machines are heat sealed and can be easily torn with one hand.

WK04CA-MPR paper bander food banding machine with printer
WK04CA-MPR paper bander food banding machine with printer