• Q8N Tile automatic strapping machine


  • High speed automatic strapping machine can make 42 straps/min
  • Loop ejecting function and refeed function
  • Rigid structure design
  • Built for 24 hours continuous operation
  • PCB+LCD screen: visualize temperature and strapping tension
  • With counting function
  • Electronic double strapping tension adjustment
  • Easy strap loading and unloading


Product nameTile Automatic Strapping Machine
Model NoQ8N
Strap tape PP strap
Strap specificationWidth 12mm,thickness 0.6-1.0mm
Strapping reelCore diameter:200mm reel height:190mm
Arch sizeW 1300* H 250mm
Table height750mm
Strapping sizeMax 800 x 200 mm
Power220V/ 50Hz/60Hz
Strapping speed42strap/min
Tension2-40KG adjustable
Welding methodHeating sealing
Machine net weight130kg
Machine dimension2105x565x1125mm