• Q8SC-T steel roller table automatic strapping machine


  • High speed full automatic strapping machine can make 2.5 seconds/strap
  • Steel Roller Table
  • Manual and auto mode operation
  • Loop ejecting function and refeed function
  • Rigid structure design
  • Built for 24 hours continuous operation
  • Strapping count function
  • Electronic double strapping tension adjustment
  • Easy strap loading and unloading


Product nameFull automatic high table steel roller table strapping machine
Item noQ8SC-T
Material PP strap
Material width*thicknesswidth: 10-12mm, thickness:0.45-0.65
Roll Inner diameterØ200MM
Arch sizeW2300 x H500mm 
Max strapping sizeL no limit*W2300 x H450mm
Min strapping sizeW350*H50mm
Loading weight2-80KG
table height780-850mm(Can be adjusted)
power supply220V50Hz 
Control systemSiemens PLC+Touch Screen
MotorGerman Dunker DC
strapping speed2.5 seconds/strap (excluding conveying time)
Table conveyorsteel roller conveyor, 18m/min, frequency conversion speed regulation
Welding methodheat sealing
Packing methodManual or automatic 1-3 straps optional
Applicable industry recommendationHardware, electrical appliances, furniture, building materials, etc.
Machine sizeL3160*W620*H1400mm