Banding Solution For Solar Wafer Panel

Banding machine is a consumable and labor cost saving solution.Using paper and Opp film band,It is widely used in food package,printing & corrugated cardboard,pharmaceuticals & cosmetics,banking,E-commerce and farm product.

Today we introduce to you a special industry packaging solution – the solar cell industry. Specific products are solar wafer panels. We all know that the solar wafer panel cannot be heated during the banding process, the product is easily damaged, and the product is relatively small. Therefore, in the process of communicating with customers, we carried out sample banding tests in advance.

Banding points

  • During the banding process, the product cannot be damaged
  • During the logistics process, the banding needs to be kept tightly bundled;
  • When unpacking, the band needs to be easy to remove.

Why use WK02-30B banding machine

  • Product advantages:

The heating method of the WK02-30B banding machine is instantaneous heating, the paper tape will not generate huge heat and will not affect the solar wafer panel. The heat generated by the cutter head of our banding machine is only enough to bond the paper tape, and it will not cause damage to the customer’s product;

WK02-20 solar wafer panel banding machine
  • Consumables advantages:

Paper bands can be removed without using a cutting tool, so we recommend using paper bands to tighten.

WK02-20 solar wafer panel banding machine
  • service advantage:

According to the characteristics of the solar wafer panel, we tested the actual packaging effect in advance and solved the customer’s doubts. For customers who cooperate with each other for the first time, we will provide a variety of packaging solutions according to the needs of each customer for customers to choose, truly tailor-made to meet customer needs.

WK02-20/30 Heat Sealing Banding Machine For Solar Wafer Panel
  • customer satisfaction:

Customers are very satisfied with our belting machines and services, and highly affirmed that our products meet all their needs. The customer planned to build an automated production line. After seeing the packaging effect of our fully automatic packaging machine, he immediately ordered several unmanned integrated packaging lines.