• WK02-30GT Roller table banding machine
  • WK02-30GT Roller table banding machine
  • WK02-30GT Roller table banding machine
  • WK02-30GT Roller table banding machine
  • WK02-30GT Roller table banding machine
  • Corrugated boxes
  • WK02-30GT Roller table banding machine
  • food box banding


  • Roller conveyor table
  • For Max 20kg Loading
  • Pre-Heating
  • PLC control
  • Can set 0 or 1 or 2 bands
  • Bottom band loading
  • Protect product from surface damage

Product Description

This banding machine uses a heat sealing system to bond the material together to form a nice tidy seal around the item.

WK02-30GT online high table heat-sealing banding machine adds an iron roller conveying table top, and is equipped with a larger frame, which can carry a maximum of 20kg of product bundling.

Why banding machine

Banding machine is a consumable and labor cost saving solution. It is widely used in food package,printing & corrugated cardboard,pharmaceuticals& cosmetics,banking,E-commerce and farm product.

Paper bands can be removed without using a cutting tool
Transparent plastic bands showcase your product
Labels can be eliminated by printing directly on the band
Banding won’t damage the comers and edges of your product
Diverse selection of banding materials and machine options Printed bands show up your products Neat and nice banding


Applicable MaterialKraft paper band or OPP filmKraft paper band or OPP film
Material SpecificationWidth: 19.2-19.6mm
Thickness: 120mic
Length: 500meters
Width: 29.2-29.6mm
Thickness: 120mic
Length: 500meters
Core: 40mm
Arch Size600*200mm600*200mm
Max Loading Weight20kg20kg
Banding SizeMin: 100*10mm Max: 600*180mmMin: 100*10mm Max: 600*180mm
Table Height900mm900mm
Power Supply220V 50hz 1phase or 110V 60hz 1phase220V 50hz 1phase or 110V 60hz 1phase
Power Rate1300W1300W
Control SystemPLC+ Keyboard panelPLC+Keyboard panel
Banding Speed20 bands/Minute20 bands/Minute
Banding Tension5-40N5-40N
Welding MethodHeat SealingHeat Sealing
Machine DimensionL 1450 x W 460 x H 1380mmL 1450 x W 460 x H 1380mm