• WK35C-30R Ultrasonic banding machine with printer
  • WK35C-50R Ultra sonic banding with Markem Printer and extra
  • Schneider Touch screen
  • Markem Smartdate X45 printer
  • Eye mark sensor and printer banding machine
  • WK35-50C-MR Ultrasonic Banding Machine With Printer
  • WK35-50C-MR Ultrasonic Banding Machine With Printer
  • vegtable banding
  • WK35-50C-MR Ultrasonic Banding Machine With Printer
  • WK35-50C-MR Ultrasonic Banding Machine With Printer


  • Schneider PLC and touch screen
  • Schneider Servo motor
  • High tension up to 100N
  • Installed with Markem SmartDate X45 printer
  • No Pre-Heating time
  • Ultrasonic cold welding
  • No smoke,Environmental friendly
  • Can be used for humid or moisture environment
  • Protect product from surface damage

Product Description

The WK35-50C-MR automatic banding machine is specially designed to band tubes into a bundle. It mainly has three functions: banding with an extra tension, sealing with an ultrasonic technology, and printing with a heat transfer technology. Ultrasonic sealing for tightening tubes into a bundle Machine tension is adjustable through a touch screen. Servo motors, Schneider touch scree.

Banding with an extra tension means that the banding tension is large when the banding machine is banding a product. The maximum banding tension of WK35-50C-MR is 100N, which is much higher than the 40N maximum banding tension of a regular banding machine model.
This function improves the banding tightness. It is also designed to meet the requirements of special-shaped products or products that require an extra tension to band.

Advantages of Markem X45 heat transfer printer

  • The printer saves the operating space because the size of the printer is small
  • The operating process is convenient
  • The printing process is fast
  • The printing effect has a high resolution
  • The color ribbons are environmentally friendly
  • The printer requires a simple maintenance


DescriptionUltrasonic high tension banding machine
Applicable MaterialOPP film
Material SpecificationWidth: 49-49.3mm
Thickness: 110-150mic
Length: 500meters
Core: 76mm
Arch Size300*190mm
Banding SizeMin: 60*60mm Max: 290*180mm
Table Height900mm
Power Supply220V 50hz 1phase or 110V 60hz 1phase
Power Rate1300W
Control SystemSchneider PLC+Schneider touch screen
Banding Speed20 bands/Minute
Banding Tension5-100N
Welding MethodUltrasonic cold welding
Air Supply0.6-0.7mpa
Machine DimensionL 1265 x W 505x H 1380mm

Markem Smartdate X45 printer

Printing Area32*40mm
Driven typePneumatic
Printing Speed50 to 600 mm/s
Resolution8 dots/mm
Printing ColorBlack
Printing ContentQR code, Bar Code, Black pattern Image, Date, Numbers, Characters,
Ink RibbonL 700 *W22 or 33MM

Industry Application