• XT-402D Rotating arm pallet wrapper with top sheet dispenser


  • Rotary arm
  • Automatically attach and cut film
  • PLC control
  • Inverter speed control
  • Slow start and stop
  • Stop at home position
  • Auto detect pallet height
  • Top sheet option
  • Variable rotating and film carriage speed
  • Middle reinforce

XT402D Auto Rotary with Dispensing Wrapper is conveyorized wrapper for automated unmanned packing lines. The machine automatically senses & centerize, wraps film around, covers the top and conveys the pallets. Roller, belt, chain, or board type conveying equipments could be used. System could be custom engineered according to specific products and different field requirements. The machine consists of frame, rotary wrapper, motorized conveyors, auto film apply & cut device, top sheet dispensing unit and control box. This system is ideal for modernized plants in industries such as food & beverage, chemicals, paper making, building materials, electric & electronics, etc.


*Two working mode choices: wrapping, or wrapping with top sheet dispensing.

*Automatic stretch film apply & cut, pneumatically driven.

*Powered pre-stretch film carriage, ratio 250%.

*Automatic wrapping according to pre-set parameters. Touch screen user interface for setting wrap cycles, top/bottom cycles & film tension.

*Rotary arm home position, highly sensitive rotary brake system.

*Extra safety measures: flickering tri-light lantern, safety fencing (optional), photocell protection of infeeding & outfeeding pallets

Stretch pallet wrapper is widely used in chemical industry, food & beverage, electric & electronic industry, building materials, home appliances, paperrmaking, etc
 Top sheet dispensing system optional
* Mahcine could be custom engineered to specific applications.


Model NoXT-402D
Pallet SizeW(500-1200)mm x L(500-1200)mm
Wrapping Height1800mm
Packing Speed20-30 pallets/hour
Rotation Speed0-20rpm variable
Cut Methodheater
Carriage Speed3m/min variable
ControlPLC, touch screen
Working Methodfully automatic
Top Sheet Pulling Speed12m/min
Top Sheet SizeW1800mm, length adjustable
Conveyor Height450mm
Conveyor Speed0-12m/min
Loading Weight2000kg
Power3PH 380VAC, 50/60Hz, 20A, 2.5kw+conveyors
Machine Dimensions3200 x 3220 x 3120mm

Application film specification

Film TypeStretch film machine grade
Film Thickness17-23mic
Film roll inner diamter76mm
Film roll outside diameter250mm
Film width500mm
Film roll weight13.8kg

Top sheet film specification

Film TypePE film
Max Film Width1800mm
Film roll inner diameter76mm
Film roll outside diameter250mm
Film CuttingBlade cutting