• XT-4510 Robot pallet wrapper
  • XT-4510 robot pallet wrapper pre-stretch film carriage
  • XT-4510 robot pallet wrapper charging   cart


  • Battery charged
  • No weight limit
  • No pallet size limit
  • No pallet shape limit
  • PLC control
  • Speed driver
  • Front Safety bumper
  • Stop at home position
  • Slow start and stop
  • Auto detecting pallet height
  • Can store 5 recipes


The robot pallet wrapper machine is a kind of packaging machinery that can perform wrapping operations on the packaging with various technological requirements without being restricted by the size and weight of the packaging. It can effectively prevent the goods from being damaged during handling and storage, preventing moisture, and maintaining clean.

Palletizing is widely used in cargo transportation of large volume, commonly seen in either big or small manufacturer warehouse in various industries, courier warehouse, warehouse operation area of port logistics. Wrapping the pallet of good with stretched poly film is a critical step to secure the goods stacked one on top another. It just helps simplify the loading and unloading operations a lot! Sunpack provides the most edge cutting techniques that is known in the industry for pallet wrapping. 

Advantages of the robot pallet wrapper

1. A variety of wrapping methods can be controlled and selected. There are 4 separate wrapping methods, such as reciprocating up and down, order up or order down, central fixed position enhancement, and manual selection of working modes, which can be selected at will.
2. Adopt storage battery as power. The robot pallet wrapper has powerful power and low noise.
3. The wrapping machine is automated, saving space. The robot pallet wrapper can be moved at any time, which not only saves the space of the workshop and warehouse, but also facilitates transportation to the site to start work immediately.
4. Fast film loading mechanism. The film loading is fast and convenient, and the efficiency is high.
5. Adopt programmable program control system. All parameters can be adjusted automatically on the control panel, which adopts liquid crystal display, which is easy to operate.

Model NoXT-4510-1XT-4510-2
DescriptionRobot pallet wrapperRobot pallet wrapper
Battery100AH 12V x 2pcs100AH 12V x 2pcs
Power Supply220V 50HZ 1phase/110V 60hz 1phase220V 50HZ 1phase/110V 60hz 1phase
Control SystemPLC+Green touch screen+Speed driving boardPLC+Green touch screen+Speed driving board
Max Moving Speed60 meters/minute60 meters/minute
Film CarriageBrakePre-stretch 350%
Max Pallet Height2100mm (Option Max: 2500mm)2100mm (Option Max: 2500mm)
Max Pallet SizeNo limitNo limit
Min Pallet Size600 x 600mm600 x 600mm
Max Pallet weightNo limitNo Limit
Min Pallet Weight100kg100kg
Moving Motor0.4KW DC Motor0.4KW DC Motor
Lifting Motor0.2KW DC Motor0.2KW DC Motor
Film Carriage Motor/0.35KW DC Motor
Charging time12 hours12 hours
Working time8 hours8 hours
Machine Weight (NW)300kg320kg
Machine Dimention
L x W x H
1480 x 1170 x 2224mm1480 x 1170 x 2224mm

Applicable film specification

Film TypeStretch film machine grade
Film Thickness17-23mic
Film roll inner diameter76mm
Film roll outside diameter250mm
Film width500mm
Film roll weight13.8kg

Machine Dimension

Working Space

XT-4510 robot pallet wrapper working space
XT-4510 robot pallet wrapper working space